Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Online Home Business Reviews

Real, honest reviews of internet business opportunities, systems and marketing tools. Check back often!

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Are you sick of searching for internet business opportunity reviews only to find that every so-called review is nothing more than a canned sales pitch? Look for a review of any opportunity that promises to have you working at home online, or any given marketing system and more often than not you'll get first page Google results with reviews that are nothing more than an affiliate copying and pasting their program's sales material. I understand that they're just trying to catch that dollar like the rest of us, but those of us looking for an actual honest, real-world review are left irritated and still uninformed.

If you're like me then you're sick of being lied to, stomped on, suckered and deceived. You're tired of half-baked ideas and half-assed implementation all covered with a pretty sales pitch and pushed to the masses asking you to cough up what little money you have left.

I'm done with all that. I'm done with lip service, deceptive advertising and hype. I demand a higher standard from internet home business opportunities and the people operating and selling them and so should you.

Here's where you get real and honest reviews from a regular guy who is wading through the ocean of crap and hype to learn what works and what doesn't and to hopefully save you time and money in your quest to find a little financial security. This site includes my own personal reviews and opinions on internet home business opportunities, affiliate programs, internet marketing tools and systems and pretty much anything that crosses my mind or that I run across in relation to online marketing. Some reviews are favorable, some are pretty hostile and others are indifferent, but they are all real, honest reviews.

I do tend to get a bit rowdy in my opinions at times, mostly due to the fact that I'm seriously disgruntled with  a lot of what's out here, but I promise to keep it Rated PG.


As a side note, there are a couple of sites out there that try to come down on and speak badly of review sites such as this one. The funny thing is, they are themselves review sites... go figure. I'm not afraid or ashamed to admit that this site does indeed serve a dual purpose:

1. To give you honest, real-world information from a personal perspective and from personal experience.

2. To introduce you to programs, advertising resources and other ingredients of an online business that I use and promote myself on a daily basis.

I am out here to make money online and apparently so are you. If I can share a product, service or business opportunity with you that I use myself, then I'm happy to do so.

Yes, you will find links to my recommended products, services and other resources, which are few but effective. If I've spent money on a program or service and have taken the time to do what I hope is a

quality review of it... and I like the business opportunity and/or service, then yes, I will share my affiliate link for that program. If I think it's crap, I call it crap. If I love it, I'll share my link.

In the end, it is up to you to make an informed decision on anything you do. Hopefully my reviews will help you with this.

Any reviews on this site that are written by me personally will show JCBiggs as the author and are real reviews on products, services, business opportunities, etc, that I myself have used at one point or another. Any reviews not written by me personally will show Guest Reviewer as the author and have been posted here with full permission from the original author(s). These can be found under the subsection "Guest Reviews"